Sunday really sets me back

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Sunday really sets me back  I try so hard to have a me day but with all the emails I get requesting help.I can not possibly have a me day

I guess I would not be a very nice person if I ignored them and let them slip through my hands.But this is why Sunday really sets me back

As I starting writing this blog today I had already 14 emails. I just had a look and low and behold there is now 17. I hope that I have enough time to do blogging as I have been told for years to do my magic both on and off line 

I am a very lucky lady as I have lots of happy customers who see me repeatedly. I believe I was blessed to gain the natural insight and gain the skills of been a healing witch.

I am nearly 50 and my children really hate it example    Mum I just missed the bus or the bus is late  I can always work out the truth I guess having psychic powers helps alot when needed

Oh by the way I am truly blessed as one of my children is psychic. Although at age 17 she finds it hard at times, It can be a very lonely place for people who have magical powers. Many people believe a witches life has to be fun. Let me reassure you it is not.

Another email I just heard the ping so I will be finishing this blog for now but thank you for reading it 

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