I have a concern

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I did try not to go in to witch mode as must as possible but I can feel and sense very strongly some one has either been with a friend looking at my blog or just stumbled across it
I can feel you and you know who you are I will offer prayers and send love your way but please do wear a bracelet or necklace if you can not afford them get the crystal and carry it with you
It is my duty to pass this information on to you. Much like how a nurse has a duty of care

The one I want you to get is this

Black Agate

Black Agate like all black stones protect against negative energies
It attracts good fortune and promotes goodwill
It helps to overcome fears and brings strength
Use this stone for protection, success and courage

I have worked for years with people just like yourself and had good success I hope you do take heed from this as you are sending me the vibes and I am replying

Please also see your medical professional mean while I send you love and peace and as I sort out my blog my services will be up and I will be doing consultations  and introducing my shop but there is lots of time for that

Back to you please follow my instructions

Love and peace Christina


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