The sun on my face

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The sun on my face has set me with much needed healing energy after all even us witches can get ill. Of late I have been seeing alot of my Dr and needed few treatments and due a few operations in the next few weeks (All healers it would be nice if you can send some distant healing for me) I would like to thank all that do and send love and inner peace back.

The sun on my face Is to me the very core for healing. I sick and give thanks to mother nature for all she offers trees,flowers,plants and so much more and I give praise to God for his/her fantastic universe ( we all need to take stock of what we have) 

Today we are guilty of aps and digital era and we forget how beautiful a bird is just sitting on our fence or on the tree I am so grateful for been born and hope to live many years more. Inhaling  The sun on my face

I have awoken even more today more than ever before although as a healer I am always aware of mother nature I guess I am going through yet another form of diviness as I feel almost psychotic with an a ray of new sounds and smells  emotions and will

I wish all love luck and health and thank you for reading xx Christine


This is my beautiful Dog who my spirit guide often teases  


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