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Love spells


The most common of ingredients used in the ritual are roses (often red or pink), I prefer red something from each of the two people (usually a lock of hair, and in modern times, a photograph), red candles, a fruit (for example, an apple), a crystal (rose quartz is a favourite), herbs (such as dittany or balm of gilead), spices (especially cinnamon), and red wine, and a ribbon (red or pink).


However, the ingredients vary between different types of magic. For example, an Enochian may use different ingredients from a Wiccan. Also, individual magicians have their own preferences. The actual ritual also differs.


Typically, the magician may cut the fruit in halves, insert the locks of hair, and tie the fruit back together with the pink ribbon. Or she may brew a love potion which involves red wine simmering in a cauldron with rose petals, herbs and cinnamon.


If both people are present, the magician may link their hands and tie them with a ribbon or scarf.


If only one person is present, the spell won’t be complete until the second person has become involved, for example, by drinking the love potion.


But do they work ? I have had great success with my client list but I always do warn others that you can not own one as a soul has its own destiny
Often most people have to love them selves before they can receive love from others




love pencil
love pencil by yanni


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