Sunday the racist spirit

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So Sunday has arrived but I doubt I will see it as I was very busy last night cleansing a house which had a very bad ora around it
I was there Thursday meeting the family and giving them my quote
We talked about how long they had lived there and what activities had been felt or seen
I told them I would be there most of Saturday but as soon as Sunday arrives I need to be out and completed
I have ask the family if I can talk about this explained no names would be made public

The spirit of the house was from the 19th century a typical English rose but the family who are lovely are an Asian family
They have lived in the house about 9 weeks had help from other sources but nothing worked their activities were more strong so it seemed on a Sunday hence why I wanted to finish my work before midnight arrived
I blessed and protected the house using my feather and sage spoke protection words
Mean while the spirit lady came forward and told me her problem
I was not happy with her at all
She was racist I asked her what color does she think she is and she told me she is white and I told her your more like smoke
She later went on to tell me how evil her family was to servants as they had color
I asked why she is still there I was actually shock I thought she was wanting to stay in her house
She told me she promised her dad no color folk would live there her words not mine
I was furious and asked the family to go out of the room as I summoned the spirits father
I do not like summoning and warn people do not try it
Moving on the spirits father arrived but he was almost an Angel he told his daughter he had a choice in dead with in a 4 week post death he opted to become at peace and gain forgiveness
He reach out his hand told colour has no meaning he explained to her how every one the same and how he has every race he helps
With that his daughter asked if she could go back with him
He told her no but he can set her where he started from and how it will take time to meet him again do not hate and stop seeing colour everyone is the same under god
A flash of gold came her father told her to go in
She left and her father sweetly said tell the family I am sorry and a baby is on there way .
He Left I could feel the love in the room
I called the family and told them the message all of them cried as they was told they could not have a baby

I finished off the last room with sage told them to leave windows open a bit just to set the vibration right
The family rang me ten mins after I got home telling me how calm and warm the house felt
I am so glad I met this family but please please be warned never ever do protection or summon any spiritual being if you are not trained
Love and peace


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