Xanadu Moon

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I was up for hours working of healing



By now you will have felt the undertow of the Pisces full moon. Either that or you may think that you’re losing your mind. This is more than just feeling out of sorts or a little bit off your A game. It may be that the tiniest little things are either niggling you to the point of white hot rage or making you just want to cry. You may be conscious of feeling your emotional body surge and then lurch some more. You may just barely be resisting the impulse to take it like a toddler and throw a massive tantrum before taking your ball and heading home to lick your wounds. Congratulations and welcome to the emo end of the astrological spectrum, except that this little lunar kid is more like a tiny Buddha and has the potential to get you there too.

FULL MOON @ 16 Pisces
L.A. – Monday 6:38…

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