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Illnesses where to begin I have a very long list of sickness
My main illness is ms that’s the main one what is wiping me out
I have a mixed bag as I also have ethlor dandos syndrome I totally know I have spelt that wrong . But I am using my phone so can not bring up the true spelling

sorry for that

This illness is a connective tissue disease basically I am allergic to collagen which is the glue that holds the muscles to the bones and when I’m low on it my bones sub lax and pop out

very painful

so I am on a massive dose of controlled meds where I have to get my nurse to administer 3x daily so this stops me from going out most of the time
I am not trying to whine here as I have good days and bad days but love it when I’m scooting about near nature although my wheelchair is not very good at off reading
But hey its great when I get stuck in the mud there is always some hunky men ready to free me lol
Anyway moving on I have seen a few people I know who are spiritual seem to have some form of illnesses
So I decided to do a quick study via face book and found out its around 75% of people who are spiritual in any form from wiccan to Angel reader all seem to suffer
So I was wondering if you have a gift do you suffer thank you in advance for commenting
Love light and peace to all


2 thoughts on “Illnesses

    Cherokee Billie said:
    November 18, 2014 at 16:41

    I tend to agree with what you have written about spiritual people having illness. I know for myself I have been sick all of my life and have never known health. I’ve always had my spiritual gifts and I think that we tend to live more in the spirit world than the physical because of our illnesses. This is a good post and thank you for connecting with me. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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