life as a robot

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so you’re thinking ok life of a robot my reason my daughter was in icu and was critically ill without going into what happened she needed a urgent op and the surgeon did not think she would make it as she had pneumonia very deep into her lungs

So yes live of a robot   Has been going on for 3 weeks I had to cancel my readings and work as no way could I of worked close with the angels I was hurting watching my girl with so many tubes and so much drips running in to her

I was so wrong to not talk to the divine realm and me of all people should know this but I did turn robot  after 2 weeks of no improvement  The drs were really baffled by her. So by now she has been in surgery had a 9 hr op and was stable 1 min then next was critically ill again I could not speak to people I went home and cried and cried I felt the warm glow on me from the angels I let them know it all.poured it all out I asked the AA`S to assist in her recovery

All of this I should of been doing as I do healing. but it took a neighbor of mine who helps with the paddock of stray animals I feed foster them to ensure they have a better life

She is home now my amazing daughter she is still very weak but each day she is here is a blessing as I was told she won’t live over 2  that was 27 yrs ago yes she is a special girl who needs lots of care but she always amazes me daily


One thought on “life as a robot

    Cherokee Billie said:
    May 17, 2015 at 03:50

    Bless both of you! ❤

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