Hi there! Do you know any kind of magick that can be done with snow globes? Thanks in advance!

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You can use the figurines to represent different intentions for spells or charms – for example, if hoping to use a snow globe for deity work, stags can be a representation of a god or spirituality, so a reindeer figure would be appropriate (and would make a great piece on a Yule altar!)

You can also CREATE YOUR OWN snow globe and basically make AWESOME AESTHETIC BOTTLE MAGIC. 

  1. Grab one of your many many extra jars I know you have lying around (since every witch worth their salt has several on hand 😉 )
  2. Hot glue your own choice of figurine to the jar lid (waterproof spray first
  3. Add glitter/ beads/ sequins for snow into the jar
  4. Add a dash of glycerin (to keep the snow from falling too quickly)
  5. Fill with water 
  6. Carefully screw the figurine-lid into the jar TIGHT (over the sink, so the spilled water doesn’t make a mess – otherwise your snow globe will have bubbles!) 
  7. Hot glue the edges of the lid to seal it in. 
  8. Decorate your snow globe accordingly – ribbons, lace, paint, etc!


  • Other than a traditional figurine, try using crystals or enchanted charms!!
  • Don’t use too much glitter or you won’t be able to see your figurine!
  • Use acrylic paint – nothing water based or else it won’t last in the globe
  • Use different colors or kinds of beads/sequins for different spell intents
  • Add a pinch of salt/ pepper/ whatever-spices-for-whatever-intents that will harmlessly float around with the glitter/ snow
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring to water for added color intent boost and also aesthetic
  • Incorporate sigils into your snow globe for added magical oomph! Paint one in the lid before you glue your figurine on if you’re looking for inconspicuous (but magical) decoration!

Be creative, have fun!

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