What kind of water should i use?

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Sea Water: Water from the sea is great for cleansing and healing rituals. I recommend it for cleansing crystals (but be careful, not every crystal/stone can/should be cleansed in water). It’s also great for banishing and protection spells!

Storm Water: Spells and rituals that has to do with emotional strength, confidence, charge, motivation and force. It’s known for strengthening spells. Storm water is great for curses as well.

River Water: Spells and rituals that has to do with moving on, focusing energy, breaking through rough paths, and warding. Great for powering tools.

Rain Water: This is very multi-purpose, but especially great for growth and rebirth spells. Great for spells that you want to keep gaining power over time.

Snow Water: Great for spells and rituals that focus on purity, endings and change, as well as slow working spells.

Dew Water: I recommend this for love and fertility spells, as well as delicate magic. Great if you’re going to do fae work.


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